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Harsh Bakshi
2 min readDec 1, 2023


The most recent variations of gpt-35-turbo and gpt-4 have been fine-tuned to work with features and are in a position to each decide when and the way a operate ought to be referred to as. If a number of features are included in your request, the mannequin will then decide if any of the features ought to be referred to as primarily based on the context of the immediate. When the mannequin determines that a operate ought to be referred to as, it should then reply with a JSON object together with the arguments for the operate.

At a excessive degree you possibly can break down working with features into three steps:

  1. Name the chat completions API along with your features and the consumer’s enter
  2. Use the mannequin’s response to name your API or operate
  3. Name the chat completions API once more, together with the response out of your operate to get a closing response.


Clone the next GitHub Repository in your Visual Studio Code editor after which full the tutorial by watching the video given under.

github repository URL:


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